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    小編: 孤街浪人


      My hometown mulan, in towns the low-profile, flowing is the biggest tributary of heilongjiang, songhua river.

      Morning breeze is blowing, microwave float. Clouds of light on the water with water. The shore, sending out the scent of the grass shore willow branches are swaying gently. Vaguely saw the outline of the mountain, river, continuous mountains were like this microwave, let a person feel is gentle and kind, like a mother's letters, also does not say to tire. The sides of the river is full of green. Grass, leaves, and the river of life is green, they are in the start of the day is full of green hope.

      The sun is shining, the songhua river water. River billowing east go, is to seize the legendary treasure? Wash the sound of water, the branches swaying and laughing voices of people constitute a jolly, light travel route. Sunshine is aspersed spread evenly on the river, river sparkling, seems like a big moving mirror, reflecting the dazzling light.

      Into the night, the sun sets to the west, on the river and the gold of the horizon. Deep blue sky, a bright moon hanging in the round, each star like a sparkling gem with the sky. The moon reflected on the river, also is so round, like the river on the also have a moon. In the quiet of the night, the songhua river is also gradually fell asleep, ended its journey of a day.


      My hometown no places of interest, no busy bustling metropolis, no waves of the sea. But I still deeply in love with my hometown. There are thick woods, there are also contend in beauty doo-yan wild flowers, and grass tenacious vitality. Can be seen everywhere in the rows of houses not neat, like a winding ups and downs of the waves.

      Spring coming, hometown scenery especially beautiful. The grass stretch and a yawn, emerged from the dirt, leaves sprout up, too. At that time, the lovely swallow flew back from a distance, chattering under one roof, as if to say: "here is a good place, here we are a home!" Flowers blinked his pair of big eyes, curiously looked at all the world. The children take off the thick cotton-padded jacket, free to play on the grass, singing and dancing, happy like a free bird.

      When the hot sun hot summer comes, a green watermelon let people go to chan mouth water. When the children came to the brook, took off his sandals, soaked feet in the river, the clear river water enabled us to forget about the heat.

      The golden autumn season, pomegranate like a red lanterns hanging on the trees. The autumn wind blowing, the rice layers on the golden waves, especially beautiful. This time of year is the busiest time of the adults: rice and cotton , although they have been too tired to breath, but depend on their face hung the joy of harvest.

      Winter, the earth covered with a layer of thick quilt. Friends to chase in the snow, make a snowman, snowball fights ` ` ` ` ` ` is really fun!

      I love my hometown, the home of this beautiful, simple!


      My home village is a small one. It’s in Yuxian county of Shanxi Province. Small as it is, it’s very beautiful.

      There are many hills around my home village and they are more beautiful than some big mountains. In spring, we can fly kites which are made by ourselves on the top of the hills. The kites fly very high.In summer, the trees are green and the grass is green, too. It is green everywhere on the hills. There are so many wild apple trees on the hills. The wild apples are nice to eat. In autumn, the corns under and around the hills are ripe. So we eat them almost every day. In winter, when it snows, all the ground is covered with snow. We can play with snow and sometimes we eat the clean snow with sugar. In my hometown the sky is blue, the air is clean, the water is sweet and the people are very friendly. I love my hometown!